Why we do the wrong thing

Each day, a new leaf is turned over. Suffice to say, the leaf was okay at the start, but now, upside down, it's photoreceptors are facing the wrong way and it is struggling to live. Why did we do it?

There is a hairdressers in Stones Corner, Brisbane Australia whose motto is printed on the outside of the glass shop front. It reads:

'We always try out best'

To us, this says.

'Don't get your expectations up, we are only doing what we can'

Clearly marketing is not a strength for this hairdressers, but they do make a very good point about humanity. Which is that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

From time to time, we all do the wrong thing. We can try hard to avoid it, but ultimately we are only human. We still have desires, an ego, a touch of laziness, and plenty of weaknesses.

But if we decide to walk a bit closer to the path of righteousness, then we need to understand why we do the things we do, right or wrong. But in this post, we are going to focus on the wrong.

Let's work with an example which has its origins in South Africa, and a discussion we had with Laura's brother Beto...


Plastic bags

On planet Earth, we get through 1 trillion plastics bags every year, and each one takes 1000 years to biodegrade! In Australia each bag is used for an average of 5 minutes!

But aren't they REALLY REALLY bad for the environment?

Yes! Obviously! No references needed here... Just google it!

But before we go on, we will be the first to admit that we do use them from time to time - we try not to - but sometimes... sometimes .... we give in to temptation.

Now some of you are screaming the word recycling at us... So take notes!

In America, less than 5% of plastic bags used are recycled, and in the UK it is closer to 1%.

So that doesn't work...

It seems the only answer is to stop using them... But you all knew that anyway - even if you struggle to admit it to yourself.

If you smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol, or eat meat, or do anything wrong in your life (which like all of us YOU DO!), you can substitute this activity in instead of 'using the plastic bag'. But for now, let's stick with plastic.


Category #1: Evil

Would you use the plastic bag because it is bad for the environment...

This is doing the wrong thing because it is the wrong thing to do. Hopefully there aren't too many of these people out there.


Slavery, genocide


Category #2: Ignorance

Do you know that the plastic bag is bad for the environment, but use it nonetheless.

Ignorance is when you know what you are about to do is not a good idea, but you do it anyway… This is because we don't care enough to go through the 'effort' of committing to the better alternative (unprepared!).


Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol (to get drunk)


Category #3: The weak

The plastic bag... I'm sure there was something I read about it being... [pauses to think!]

“Excuse me, would you like a bag for this?”

“Oh, yes please”

Ah, it probably wasn't important...[fearing the conclusion]

Weakness is avoiding the situation altogether or hiding from the truth.


Eating meat 😉 (unless you have watched Cowspiracy and still eat meat - see #2 Ignorance), self-induced obesity

Category #4: Stupidity

If you genuinely think that using the plastic bag is good for the environment and use it happily.

Using all the faith we have in humanity, we hope that there aren't many of these. But we have listed a few below...


Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Tony Abbott...

Oh, and religious extremists (do you realise that every religious person believes that their argument is AS VALID AS YOURS!)