Travelling: its all about the people

Travelling: its all about the people

The vast African continent stretches from the jungles of the Congo to the desolate savannah. It's a continent that had always been sort of a mystery to us. Our main focus was on the abundance of wildlife and the intriguing natural environments.

But on arrival in Cape Town, and in journeying to Johannesburg and then to Swaziland, we learnt of a different but equally beautiful side of Africa. The people we have met have opened our minds, to the real culture that lies within.

Our first night introduced us to two enlightened souls on the streets of Cape Town. Lindsay a local and Bruce from Kenya. These guys had that entrepreneurial mindset that so many desire, they gave us a great insight into Cape Town life, showed us around and helped us to use public transport. Educated, funny and clever individuals exactly like that, are the ones that make the journey with it.


Traveling to Pretoria, we met the loveliest par of siblings. They were about 3 and four with curious round eyes and a wide honest smile. They made our 22 h journey in the bus so much more enjoyable. Another remarkable character flooded our path with footprints as she shared her stories of the history of her country up until the present day. Koketso gave us a long list of places to visit from bungee jumping to historical places.


People in Swaziland are incredibly friendly, smiling conversation is sparked off on every journey. Everyone offers to help and guide you without expecting anything in return. People are proud of the history of their country and keen to share it, great friendships can be built on these foundations. 


Not only the locals, but the travellers who are drawn to these places have an ingrained respect for the country and its culture. This allows for a responsible form of traveling.

With 11 different languages across the southern African tip, people have learnt to break down language barriers with ease. It is not uncommon for people to speak at least 3 languages from the beginning of their life. This allows communication to flow freely where you would least expect it.

Alongside all the adventures and natural wonders that Africa contains, it's people and the cultures they live are equally important. The more we learn and the more people we meet convinces us more and more of the relevance of traveling in the world today. This world of jumbo jets and national geographic is encouraging us to take our first steps into the unknown and the people there will welcome you with open arms and wonderful stories.


Travel is a possibility for you too.

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