Setti Fatma: The town beneath the falls

Where is it and how to get there?

Hidden in the high Atlas Mountains, an hour and a half from Marrakech by grande taxi (30dh), 7 waterfalls cascade down to a small village; Setti Fatma.

This quaint town lies on the banks of the river which flows down from the peaks of Mount Toubkal. Colourful chairs and tables of restaurants garnish the stream with tagine and mint tea. We ate our first meal sat in a shallow part of the river!

Precariously built bridges connect the bases of the two mountains either side of the stream. The two sides have very different characteristics, and whilst the restaurant side leads up to beautiful hikes and waterfalls, the other side is where you will find accommodation.


We used this website ( to find ourselves a cheap apartment (200 Dh per night) with a bedroom to sleep 3, a kitchen, a lounge and a balcony. The staff ended up being great friends and showed us around the beautiful village.

This side of the river is decorated with shops from grocers to art galleries, and some great places to buy souvenirs and trinkets. But the real joys of the village are found in the hikes.

Hiking and waterfalls

Behind the restaurants on the opposite side from the Main Street, trails weave their way up the mountain and seems easy to get lost. But don't worry because the answers are only a question away. Everyone is happy to help and point you in the right direction. All paths lead to the waterfalls, all 7 of them. Up until the sixth, vendors selling orange juice and mint tea will be waiting to greet you, allowing you to take as much (or as little) time as you like.

The most impressive of all is the 1st with several sections tumbling down the rock face.  After that, the next 3 are easy to miss, but the 5th is another remarkable sight with less tourists and more nature!

A small climb to the 6th around the corner passes a great spot to meditate.

When to come?

Away from the hectic cities of Morocco this spot has everything we needed to unwind. We came here in low season (February) and enjoyed the environmental tranquility and the company of locals, but not without a few 'foreign' faces. We suggest coming at this time as in high season the town can be very busy and the prices rocket!

If you have any questions or have something to add please leave a comment below or contact us.

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