Liebster Award

The well renowned Liebster award is an amazing networking award given from bloggers to bloggers!

First, we would like to thank Traveling Amos for your nomination and for giving us this great opportunity!

But along with this fantastic networking opportunity comes some rules which are as follows...

1. You must thank the blogger who nominated you!


Dear Traveling Amos,

Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing opportunity.

We would have done this even if it wasn't in the rules!

2. You must answer the 11 questions posed to you by your nominee... So here goes!

1. Where was the first place you traveled to?

This initial question actually posed us more problems than we expected! Are you referring to our first international voyage? Our first domestic journey? Our first 'backpacking' adventure? And for each of these questions... Our first ones individually or as a couple? So we assumed a few things!

Our first traveling experience TOGETHER internationally was a month long trip to Indonesia where we island hopped from Bali our to East Nusa Tengarra (next to the infamous Komodo Island). It also was our first attempt at travel blogging – although we quickly realised that blogging was more than writing a diary of everything that happened along the way!!! If you would like to read some entry level 'diary blogging' then please check out our Indonesia page!

2. What are your must haves when traveling?

Everyone travels in their own unique way – the only constants are a good attitude, and an enthusiastic outlook. Opportunities are out there for all types of travel, from luxury to free! It goes without saying, if you want to spend less, you need to be more organised!

3. Have you made life long friends with people you have met while abroad?

We have made lots of friends abroad who will stay with us forever.

Currently we live in Australia, but originally we are from Colombia (Laura) and the UK (James). We met each other in Australia. So you could say that the best most important friend we ever made was each other, in Brisbane at a small cafe called Tazza, which has sadly shut down due to going bust – clearly our taste in coffee was not great!

Other than each other, our view is that 'traveling is all about the people' (we even wrote a blog about it!), whichever way you look at it. The world is a beautiful natural wonder in itself and every country, location, place will have stunning attributes which will have you falling head over heels for it. But the differentiation can be found in the people and the friends that you make along the way.

4. What length of travel do you like and why?

Honestly, as long as possible. Sometimes you arrive in a town and you want to leave the next day sometimes you want to stay for a year (or more!), but if it is a 'leave the next day' place, then you only feel like that because your next stop is so exciting.

We cant stop traveling. Our soles yearn for their next prints.

There is an amazing film called Waking Life which we recommend everyone to watch. A quote from it sums up our feelings toward never-ending travel quite comprehensively:

“The idea is to remain in a constant state of departure, whilst always arriving”.

5. What destination are you off to next?

After our travels all around Australia we will most definitely be heading to New Zealand to explore another one of the world's natural wonders!

6. Can you sleep on an airplane?

Haha! This question.

We are sure there was once a time when reading and conversation were your only options and sometimes both of these tools become exhausted and you slip into slumber. But today, we have laptops, films, music, iPhones and most importantly.... blogs!

We recently traveled to South Africa and Morocco over the course of 4 months. We booked a return flight from Brisbane to Cape Town return and then won a volunteer opportunity in Morocco and so booked another return from Cape Town to Fes. The return flight of this was 5 days long and included 6 flights... We slept a total of 6 hours.

So to answer you question... No – travel bloggers do not sleep on planes!

7. How did you get started travel writing?

With a burning desire to travel – and realising that most of the world views travel as something to do in holidays from your 9-5 jobs, we decided to try to impact these people's lives and share with them, how you can travel on a budget – no matter what your financial situation!

It also helps that it reinforces your travel memories enormously!

8. What is your most memorable meal while traveling?

We are passionate vegans and so food of a delicious nature can often be hard to come by!

But if you head over to our blog on 3 ways to save money whilst traveling link, you will see that one of the most effective ways, is to cook your own food.

So in response to the question... Our most memorable meal whilst traveling is definitely making guacamole in every country!

9.  Do you prefer solo travel? Why or why not?

We love traveling together – but together, we are one! So we love traveling alone!

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to do exactly what you want every day. We both accept that we want to see the whole world – so deciding a country is not really a stress, because we will go to the other one some time soon anyway!

10. How often do you encounter trouble when traveling and how do you deal with it?

I guess this question is dependant on what is considered 'trouble'.

We have lost possessions and money, we have been stopped by police in Indonesia on questionable charges, Laura has been attacked by volunteer organisation staff (on the grounds of being a woman), both of us get stopped at every airport for having dreadlocks and being Colombian, etc. etc.!

But ultimately, we worked around them, moved on and are better because of it.

Travel is full of challenges, but you must take them in your stride and keep on leaving footprints.

11. How has travel changed your life?

Minds opened!

Dharma found!

Soul, soles and hearts content!

We are struggling to put this into words...!!!

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4. 11 questions for the nominated bloggers. Each nominee should answer all 11.


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2. One thing you shouldn't have packed for a trip – but you did anyway. Why?

3. Something unexpected that you learnt from travel blogging.

4. The biggest lifestyle change you underwent because of the nomadic lifestyle

5. Your biggest travel/blogging mistake and how it made you a better person

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7. What is your LEAST favourite country and why SHOULD you go there!

8. What animal do you see your blogging persona as, and why?

9. A culture you admire, but would find it impossible to live with!

10. One sentence to describe planet earth to an alien!

11. And lets go out with a bang.... the place you most want to visit in the Universe and why!