Home away from home

When you move to a new place things can be a bit rough and lonely. But finding the right place to live is key to your personal development in this new country. When I moved to Brisbane the first house I lived in was in Fortitude Valley with a lovely guy named Dave and 4 other people. Dave is one of our very good friends still today and I will thank him forever for all that he did for me, we became a bit like family.

The house you live in and the people in it are going to be your home, that's why making the right decision is important.

After that beautiful home I moved into a bigger share house that changed my life. Consisting of 34 rooms, The Blue House in West End was a paradise for socialising. Rui, the person managing almost everything in the house is almost like a super human. He works many hours in different tasks and jobs, and he develops his persona, constantly challenging himself, it's just admirable. Despite his busy lifestyle he is always happy and energetic, ready to help, listen or sing along. An admirable old soul, just as his mom is, who came to visit all the way from Portugal.


This magical place has just one kitchen, but instead of being messy, it was a source of collaboration and unity. Everyone in the house would prepare meals together; feed each other, help each other. The people I meet in this place will remain forever in my heart. Katy my neighbour and one of my best friends and everyone in the house (Simona, Rachel, Juli, Mari, Davider, Alvaro, Joao, Heny, Eljon, Nani, Tanya and many other beautiful souls) made this experience unforgettable.

Living somewhere is not about the structure of the house, or how big your room is or the facilities in the kitchen, it is all about the people. Beautiful, strong, inspiring people that feed your dreams and ambitions giving you love, company and anything you need, when you need it the most.

Thank you to all the people that put a footprint in my heart.... It will be there forever