How to get cheap flights

Don't settle for lost time!

You know the feeling when you just can't find a reasonably priced flight? The tedious hours spent searching every corner of every price comparison website that you will never get back…

Monotony like this is a choice and its also not very productive! Do not worry though, as we have the viable alternative... Keep reading!

You don't need to get sucked in by endless apps and platforms who entice you with the usual phrases: cheap flights, last-minute bookings, hot deals! These businesses prey on your disorganisation!

The song remains the same.... Plan in advance!


 1. When to buy flights?

After several studies, the results are in...!

The cheapest time to buy a flight, is EXACTLY 8 WEEKS before your departure date.

2. When to leave?

Whilst it might be nice to go somewhere for the weekend, the rest of the world agree and so the most expensive flights are almost always between Friday and Sunday. So instead, you should book mid-week. Most of the time you will find that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday.

 But once you have these sorted, don’t start searching yet…

3. Don't get cheated by price comparison sites.

Price comparison sites will raise the prices, the more you look at a particular journey. So save your booking for when you have everything ready.

If you just can't stand to wait then you can search in an incognito window which hides your information from the website.

4. Support local industry!

People often forget the smaller airlines when booking flights. You will often find that (especially for domestic flights) these are the ones who will offer the most competitive prices.

Check special deals with airlines like Easyjet (Europe), or Tiger Air (Australia) often and you may get some pleasant surprises.


 5. Still can't to decide where and when?

This app is one of our favourites... (We saved the best until last!)

Kayak Explore allows you to enter an airport of your choice, and set the date to 'All Months'. From here, it shows you the cheapest flight to get there and what date it will be on!


Click on the picture below to go straight there!


As we said before, there is a seemingly infinite number of flight companies and flight comparison sites. Hopefully in this post we have offered you some time and money-saving solutions.

Book now! 😉