First time skydiving: Free fall from 14,000 feet

When the chaotic nature of city life becomes too much, there is no better relief than an adrenaline rush! University and work had built up for some time and Laura gave me the best birthday present I could ask for, our first skydive!

We adventured down to Byron Bay, where the sun shines on the golden beaches and surfers catch waves from dawn until dusk. Byron is famed for its bohemian culture which resonates through the ethical shops and restaurants in the town, to the hippy locals and visitors. However, today, this was not our focus.

A shuttle bus from Brisbane took us to Tandem Skydive, just inland from the beach and the main town.

On arrival, the instructors fitted us out with jump suits and harnesses and we sat outside the centre and watched as 14,000 feet above us, people the size of ants toppled from aeroplanes reaching amazing speeds as they flew through the sky towards us.


Feeling inspired, we decided to do a rehearsal of our own!

Nothing could have prepared us for it. We were each assigned an instructor and made our way to the plane. The flight to the drop off point cannot have taken more than 10 minutes but it felt like an eternity. As the plane banked into the turns, we caught an exciting, but nerve-racking glimpse of what lay below.

Eventually, the time came and one-by-one we shuffled towards the door of the plane, unable to stop ourselves checking all the buckles and clips one last time.

Then it was our turn. Dangling your legs out of a plane at 14,000 feet drives the butterflies to move from your stomach into your chest, but before they got there, we were out!

Picking up speed with every second as we hurled through a small patch of cloud which had surrounded the plane. The rush was enough for us to completely ignore the fact our faces were being blasted with the ice crystals formed by the clouds. But then the clouds dissipated and we found ourselves in free fall, with the beautiful Byron coast in view.

After a 60 second drop, the cords were pulled and the parachute opened up. The instructors talked us through what they were doing and offered us the controls.

The landing was smooth and easy, but before we got there, we knew we had to go back up again soon.

Skydiving should be a bucket list item for everyone, and one you will definitely not regret checking off.

Let us know if you have skydived anywhere worth mentioning as we are on the hunt for new heights!