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The Big Fat Taboo

We live in a world where two of the most widely recognised brands are McDonalds and Coca-Cola and where 40% of the world’s population account for 5% percent of global income. One of our most prominent characteristics as a species is greed (at the vast expense of others). We should live in a world free

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The Passport Curse

The disadvantage of being Colombian. It’s clear for everyone that Colombians don’t have the best reputation, especially when it comes to visas and traveling (thanks Pablo Escobar). As a Colombian I am enormously proud of my country, my people, my land and my culture, but I am also a victim of the many generalisations and

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Into mindfulness

Our intentions have been considered a huge influence in our spiritual development. This is assumed because they act as an excuse used to hide the fact that our actions are not adequate. Using intention, everyone would choose – instantly – to change themselves in infinite ways, but it is necessary to practice your actions to

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