7 steps to stop drinking for good

I know it seems impossible at first, it is almost automatic how every Friday you take your beer at the start of the evening expecting peace after a hectic week of hard work.

You deserve it after all...

Well that's not the best decision for everyone. Alcohol, even if it is the most recognized and socially acceptable drug, drives you to act in ways you will probably regret. This is not new to anyone. Everyone has experienced that physical and moral hangover the day after an "unforgettable" night out. Some people, more than others, struggle to keep alcohol under control. One drink invites the next and before you know it you don't even remember your own name. This is what drove us to stop drinking: We wanted to remember the people we met and the songs we danced to. It got to a point where it became a necessity to stop drinking for good. How did we do it?..


 1. Make a real conscious decision (observe what you dislike about your habit) 

The most important thing is making a final conscious decision for yourself, no one can make you do something you don't want to, and lying to yourself is not very effective either. So to be sure, you need to analyse your situation, write your thoughts down and make a promise to yourself reminding you WHY you made this decision and why it is important for you to maintain it.


 2. Learn to love you sober self (grow confident to be as social sober as when drunk) 

Alcohol is perceived as a social lubricant, as it allows you to gain confidence and talk freely and carelessly. When you don't have this, your confidence and personality are bound to shine. You must learn to love who you are sober, appreciate your own thoughts and learn that others will appreciate your sober you too.


3. Deal with the social pressure (fake drink - placebo) 

Sometimes, in this drinking society, it's hard to explain why you made this very drastic decision. People come up with questions and put pressure on you, encouraging you to drink "just one shot". This is annoying, especially at the beginning of the transformation. The best way to prevent it, is drinking soda or water in a cocktail glass while everyone else drinks, no questions for you, no problem for them.


4. Choose your environments wisely 

You will soon notice that as soon as the alcohol is gone, the parties that seemed INCREDIBLE were quite average, the people that seemed attractive and interesting are actually far from that. Everything you used to perceive was tainted by the magic wand of alcohol, making it all look pretty and fun when it was not. You will have to choose a bit more wisely where you spend your weekends; we transitioned from clubbing to festivals, from pubs to camping, from house parties to traveling. Everyone is different, just find something you enjoy and do it.

5. Have a speech ready to explain to yourself and to others why you made this decision 

When you have been without drinking for a while you will realize that in many occasions, even when you are drinking your "virgin soda", you will have to explain yourself to someone. we always answer the same thing, having a very clear answer in mind that is convincing enough for the person that asks the question and also for ourselves, this reason helps us keep the promise to ourselves and help others understand and RESPECT our decision with no further questions or annoying pushing on us to drink.

6. Write goals you achieve and monitor your progress (compare and surprise yourself) 

When you stop drinking the results are evident from the first weekend, but the effects become stronger and stronger. After almost one year and a half with no alcohol we can tell you it has been the best decision we have ever made. We became fitter, more effective, faster at achieving tasks, more driven, more social and active. Millions of things changed in the way I perceive the world. Write your thoughts and feelings as time goes by and you will soon realize the weight of the decision you made and the effect it will have in your life.


7. Watch your expenses (let the numbers do the talking)

Some of us can hardly remember what they spend on alcohol in a night. Even attempting to record the cost of each drink on a notepad or in your phone will shock you. You don't need to have many drinks to spend enough to buy you a day of 3 meals. Our advice here is to find an incentive to drive you to save the money. For us, living in Brisbane, Australia, we realised that a Friday night alone, could fund a camping trip to an island off the coast for the whole weekend.

If you have any questions we are hear for you in this journey of transformation. You are not alone and we promise you: you will never regret it.