3 ways to travel REALLY cheap

We always get asked how we can travel so often and afford it and so in response we have compiled our most effective 3 ways to travel for free (or VERY cheap). 
There are no secrets to this. With many ways to cut costs, you don't need to sacrifice your 3 meals a day or hot showers!
We stayed in this paradise (image below) for free with food included in exchange for a bit of honest work...

1. Volunteer (help others and help yourself)

Travel is about giving back to the communities you visit as much as it is about learning from them. Volunteering is an option that will allow you to settle in one place for a while, helping you save a lot of money and allowing yourself to immerse and connect with the place you visit. 
There is a huge amount of volunteering businesses who offer work everywhere you could imagine but for an extortionate sum of money. We strongly advise you NOT to use these types of organisations as the money mostly goes to administration and staff, not to the cause you want to support. 
If you feel like helping a cause you relate to, then be intuitive and do a bit of research. Helpx and Workaway are volunteer platforms with a low yearly membership cost and hundreds of volunteering opportunities around the globe (a much better option than AIESEC, who intimidate and attack volunteers). If you are on a very tight budget and can't afford to pay the membership fee for these two platforms, browse their options and then try googling names and addresses to find contact details. This is what we did!


A meditation centre with its doors about to open to guests needed our help. In the outskirts of Essaouira in the hills, we found a paradise home for a few weeks. We became a part of the family of 5 for the 2 weeks we stayed.
During this time; we ate meals altogether (a few of which we cooked), slept in our own ensuite room, took care of the children and helped build their digital marketing strategy. In our free time, we had plenty of hikes to the river, a swimming pool, and a lot of time to develop meditation techniques.

A great FREE trip!


2. Stay at a friend's place (couch surf)

Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when traveling. If you are on a tight budget or you are running low on money, staying at a friends house is a great way to cut your costs.
If no names spring to mind, the get out in the streets and start meeting people. Chances are, most locals will be happy to befriend you and a lot will invite you to stay... We would! If you are feeling a bit socially-inept and you are still homeless, then check out Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is an application that will offer an authentic interaction and immersion into local culture. It is so much more than a room or a bed for the night. 


In Marrakech we had our first experience of Couchsurfing as a couple and we cannot fault it.
Zizo lived with his cousin Fatima and his parents. We were treated as guests of honour with home made meals and a local to explore the city with, if you are heading to Marrakech, contact us for his details. 

Staying with a local instead of in a hostel or backpackers is more than just a money saver. It allows you to travel through the eyes of local, to be a part of the culture (rather than an observer) and to uncover the secrets usually hidden from foreigners.

Some extra advice: learn the basics of their language and culture and put a smile on everyones face!


3. Cook your own meals

This is one which can seriously diminish your costs! Whether you are in Australia or India it will always be more expensive to have food prepared for you. Unless you have followed either of the first 2 items on this list, in which case this is a good opportunity to learn and share some of your own culture!
Unlike organising couch surfing and finding volunteering opportunities, this takes no planning. Head to local markets to buy fruit and vegetables, rice, pasta, maize, bread etc. and bargain the prices down. You will find that you spend the same in a week cooking your own food, than you would in a day of eating out. 
Watch out for our vegan travel recipes series coming soon!
In summary....
Whether you choose to apply just one of these techniques, or all of them, we guarantee that you will cut your costs dramatically. If you have any more to add to our list, please comment below or contact us!
If you haven't begun your travels, find out how you can save money here.